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Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062 Japan
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Seven young men who are desperate for quick money arrive at a desolate
seaside bar, called Dog Days, to audition as "hosts." This is the
highly popular occupation of entertaining female patrons with smooth
talk and a soothing smile while offering them drinks at "host clubs."
Although their previous jobs varied from street performer to ex-banker,
they are all happy to get this dream job so easily, until they discover
that the 'manager' has run off with their deposits! Upon seeing them so
discouraged, the sympathetic bar owner offers his place for them to
open up a host club by themselves. With the help of his granddaughter,
Chika (who has a heart disorder), and despite the combination of their
initial confusion, personal problems and a typhoon that almost blew the
place down, they gradually find the true meaning of friendship, trust
and love.

DIRECTOR - Ryo Nishimura

Born in Mie Prefecture, Nishimura started his career in 1991 at a
post-production studio, McRAY, where he learned digital composite
techniques and the making of title sequences. After joining Equity
Entertainment in 1995, he made a number of music videos, also the
credits and title sequences of TV dramas. With Nippon Television Art
since 2001, he has established himself as one of the most sought-after
title sequence creators for his work on such popular TV series as
Shomuni and The Resurrection of the Golden Wolf, as well as theatrical
films including Bayside Shakedown and GTO. In 2003, he made his
directorial debut with Tenshi no Kiba.

Shun Oguri - Azumi, Azumi 2: Death or Love, Neighbour No.13, Rinne
Toshinobu Matsuo - A Day on the Planet, Fly, Daddy, Fly
Takamasa Suga - Masked Rider Dragon Knight, Death Trance
Yusuke Kirishima - Get Up!, Ultraman Nexus
Hiroyuki Hirayama - Yamato
Ryoji Morimoto - Gokusen, Masked Rider Blade
Shingo Katsurayama - Ju-on 2, The Moonlight
Hitomi Manaka - Koko ni irukoto *winner of six major newcomer awards
Riko Narumi - Trick, The Big Spook War
Yoshio Harada - Ballad of Orin, Azumi, Heaven's Bookstore, Aegis

Director: Ryo Nishimura
Producers: Masashi Yagi, Yu Hirose
Chief Executive Producer: Yasuhide Uno
Executive Producers: Shinya Kawai, Ryuhei Chiba, Yuka Hoshino, Masaomi Takagi
Associate Producers: Haruo Umekawa, Masahito Kokuta, Mariko Nakajima
Screenwriter: Shunpei Okada
Cinematographer: Naoki Kayano - Shall We Dance?, Onmyoji
Lighting: Masahiro Isono - Hibi, Bayside Shakedown: The Suspect
Production Designer: Takeshi Shimizu - Eureka, Water Boys, Lorelei
Sound Recording: Masayuki Iwakura - Aragami, Thirty Lies or So
Editor: Mototaka Kusakabe - Blue Spring, Tokyo Tower
Original Music: Jin Nakamura

A GAGA Communications / Avex Entertainment Co-Production

2005 / 35mm / 107 min / Theatrical Release: 11 March, 2006