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The kind of summer that'll change
you forever is about to begin...

Japanese Official Website :


The summer has begun! A group of high#schoolers plan to spend their vacation on the beach. Encounters with surfing and love...the summer that was expected to be so average is changed into something truly special. Japan#s first surfing film, CATCH A WAVE, has at long last become a reality thanks to total support being provided for the first time by the Japan Pro Surfer Association (JPSA). The film was shot not only at the top surfing spots in Japan, but also at that surfer#s mecca, the North Shore of Hawaii. CATCH A WAVE is based on a novel of the same name written by Kazuma TOYOTA during his first high school summer holiday, and he also wrote the screenplay. The film was directed by Nobuyuki TAKAHASHI, well-known for his TV drama series, #Water Boys.# The zeal of these 16-year-olds has been transformed from dream to reality through the intense efforts of the outstanding cast and crew.


Taiyo, a 16-year-old high school boy and his two best friends Taguchi and Kobayashi, decide to spend their summer, completely free from their parents, at Taguchi#s vacation house in Shonan, a coastal city couple of hours away from Tokyo. When they arrive, they are astounded by the vast expanse of the ocean, and also enthralled by the surfers riding the dynamic waves. When the boys arrive at the vacation house, Taguchi realizes he has dropped the house key at the beach. Panicked, the three go back to the beach looking for it, but eventually fall asleep on the beach exhausted. Next morning, Taiyo and his friends are awakened by a bare-naked middle-aged stranger, Duke Kawahara. Duke offers the boys to stay in his house if they help clean and run his surf shop. Taiyo proposes they would only help if Duke teaches the boys how to surf. Duke agrees. Meanwhile, Taiyo meets a beautiful local surfer girl, Julia while tending Duke#s shop# The excitement and thrill of surfing and bitter-sweet first love# Taiyo and his friends# summer have just begun!!

KAZUMA TOYOTA - Author/Scriptwriter

Born in 1988, Toyoda is currently a high school student living in Tokyo. #Catch a Wave#, his first novel to be published, received many media exposure in popular TV shows such as #Tokudane!#, #Waratte Iitomo!#, and #King#s Brunch#. Under the influence of his movie-loving father, he dreams to become a film director one day. His second novel, #Blue Pacific Stories# was recently published, which is a sequel to #Catch a Wave#.



Born in 1985 in Tokyo. Miyazaki drew international acclaim for her role as the survivor of a traumatic bus hijack in Shinji Aoyama's Eureka. The film won the FIPRESCI Prize at the Cannes Film Festival 2000, and resulted in her receiving the Best New Actress Award of the Japanese Professional Movie Awards. Later, she won Best Actress Awards in the Nantes Festival of the 3 Continents and the Cinemanila International Film Festival for her convincing performance in Harmful Insect. She teamed up with Aoyama again in Eli, Eli, rema, sabachthani?, an Un Certain Regard selection at Cannes 2005. Later in the same year, the title role in the hugely successful Nana boosted her to a new level of popularity. She has been featured in many TV commercials and fashion magazines, and has established herself as one of the most dependable young actresses of her generation. This is the third time (after Eureka and The Motive) that she has co-starred with her real-life brother, actor Masaru Miyazaki.

Haruma Miura
Rosa Kato - Tokyo Tower
Ryo Kimura - Sugar & Spice
Gaku Hamada - Sugar & Spice, Midnight Sun
Kenji Sakaguchi - Memories of Tomorrow
Naoto Takenaka - Shall We Dance?, Azumi

Directed by Nobuyuki Takahashi
Original Novel & Screenplay by Kazuma Toyota
Theme Song "Catch the Wave" by Def Tech
Music by Depapepe
Produced byToshio Toyota & Hideki Inada

Warner Bros. Pictures Japan and GAGA Communications
in association with Dentsu/Future Planet/An Industrial Pictures/Kyodo Television Production

2006 / 35mm / 116mins. / Theatrical Release in Japan: April 2006

(C) 2006 Catch A Wave ssi.