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When their star singer, Juli, suddenly decides to abandon her career
for marriage, her four back-up dancers are at a complete loss. Miu is
passionate and serious about dancing, while Yoshika is the most
talented, and a natural leader. Tomoe is slightly older than the
others, and wants to get married, but Aiko hopes to achieve her own
stardom. They expect Juli's eventual return, but meanwhile their agency
assigns them to a young manager, Chano. However, he cannot obtain
sufficient work to prevent them from breaking up. But then he comes up
with the idea of teaming them with a washed-up rock band called Steel
Crazy (another burden on the company), which to everyone's surprise
turns out to work quite well! As Chano starts to look for a bigger
chance for them, the agency decides to disband the group for a
newcomer, Mayu Kisaragi, with Super Tigers. Ultimately, the four are
fired after having an on-stage fight with Mayu's group. In the hopes of
reuniting them, and because of his love for Miu, Chano struggles to
land a big-time stage for the Backdancers!

backdancers_01.jpgKOZO NAGAYAMA - Director / Writer / Music Supervisor

Born 1956 in Tokyo. He has long been one of the top directors for Fuji
TV and made such hit dramas as Tokyo Love Story (1991), Under the Name
of Love (1992), Under the Same Roof (1993), My Sister (1994), We Will
Meet Again Sometime (1995), Long Vacation (1997), Mona Lisa Smile
(2000) and Love Revolution (2001). He has also directed stage plays and
musicals: Stand by Me (1991), 1999 - The Moon Kisses the Earth (1995),
big (1999), Heart of Gold (2004). Backdancers! is his third
collaboration with the acclaimed young writer, Rin Eto, after Slow
Dance (2005) and Tokyo Friends (2005).

backdancers_02.jpgHIRO - Yoshika

Born 1984 in Okinawa. She made her debut as the youngest member of
SPEED in 1996. After the disbanding of the group in 2000, she went solo
and has released many hit songs, including "Treasure". While using
another name, Coco d'Or, she was awarded several awards for her
self-titled jazz vocal album. This is her third movie appearance, after
Andromedia (1998) and Star Light (2001).

backdancers_03.jpgAYA HIRAYAMA - Miu

Born 1984 in Tochigi. Winner of the Grand Prize in Hori Promotion's
annual "Scout Caravan" contest in 1998, her reputation as an actress
was proven by her starring role in the TV drama Haruka 17 (2005). She
has appeared in Water Boys (2002), Lover's Kiss (2002), Tokyo Tower
(2004) and the Korean film Fighter in the Wind (2004), among others.

SONIM - Tomoe

Born 1983 in Kochi. She has been active as a pop singer since her debut
as a member of EE Jump in 2000, and later in solo. Her acting credits
include TV dramas such as High School Teacher (2003) and Ex-Boyfriend
(2003), and Toshiaki Toyoda's highly acclaimed film The Hanging Garden

backdancers_05.jpgSAEKO - Aiko

Born 1986 in Miyazaki. She has been seen in many TV dramas, including
Tenka (2004), Tonight on My Bed Alone (2005) and the highly popular
Dragon Zakura (2005), as well as feature films such as Getting Off the
Boat at Her Island (2003), Zoo (2004), Nana (2004) and as the star in
Lovehotels (2006).

Director: Kozo Nagayama - Long Vacation (TV), Slow Dance (TV)
Screenwriters: Rin Eto, Kozo Nagayama
Producers: Haruo Umekawa, Masashi Yamazaki, Hiroto Takeishi
Cinematographer: Kazuhiko Ogura - St. John's Wort, Elephant Song
Production Designer: Hisao Inagaki - The Eel*, Warm Water Under a Red Bridge
(*winner of Japanese Academy Award)
Costume Designer: Junko Katsumata - Suite Dreams, Oyo
Sound Recording: Kazushiko Yokono - Nana, Rockers
Editor: Ryuji Miyajima - Always, Swing Girls *Japanese Academy Award Winner
Choreographers: Izumi, Teruya, Ken
Music Supervisor: Kozo Nagayama

A GAGA Communications / Fuji Television Co-Production
In association with Studio 3

2006 / 35mm / 1.85:1 / TBC min.
Theatrical Release: September 2006

(C) 2006 "Backdancers!" Film Partners