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My brother killed someone - for ME
I have lost my dream, girl and everything - for HIM
Yet, what kept us together and led to love was - THE LETTER

Based on the bestselling novel
by award-winning writer Keigo Higashino

Japanese Official Website :


How have you been? Takeshi's letter is delivered one each month to his younger brother, Naoki. Takeshi is serving a life term in prison for the crime that he had committed to save his brother. But the crime's aftereffect extends to Naoki, and, branded as a "murderer's brother," Naoki is deprived of his love, career and dream. His desperate situation gradually changes when he finds true love with Yumiko, who always stands by him. To protect the love that he has finally found, Naoki begins writing a letter to Takeshi... The touching story of a man who was powerless against his irreversible fate, but still tried to overcome it in the quest for his dream.

theletter01-1.jpgKEIGO HIGASHINO - Writer

Born in Osaka in 1958. He graduated from Osaka Prefectural University, where he majored in electrical engineering. He wrote novels while working as an engineer, and made his debut as a novelist in 1985 with After School, which won him the Edogawa Rampo Award. As a full-time writer, he won the Japan Mystery Writers Association Award for Himitsu in 1999. The novel earned a good reputation, was made into a movie starring Ryoko Hirosue, and is currently being developed for a remake by Luc Besson. Higashino won the prestigious Naoki Award for Devotion of Suspect X in 2005. Among other works by him, g@me, Lakeside (Shinji Aoyama's Lakeside Murder Case) and Henshin received movie adaptations. Most recently, Byakuyako (with Takayuki Yamada) was televised.


Born in 1983. He brought many Japanese audiences to tears with his performance in the small screen adaptation of Crying Out Love in the Center of the World, and captured people's hearts with his starring role in Train Man. His other TV roles include Fire Boys and Byakuyako.

theletter_tamayama.jpgTETSUJI TAMAYAMA - Takeshi

Born in 1980. He has established himself as one of the most in demand young actors, and appeared in many movies, TV dramas and commercials. Other works include the movies Heaven's Bookstore, All Out Nine and Nana, as well as TV dramas such as Brother*Beat.

theletter_sawajiri.jpgERIKA SAWAJIRI - Yumiko

Born in 1986. She won numerous newcomer awards, including a Japanese Academy Award for her winning role in We Shall Overcome Someday. Her performance in the TV drama One Liter of Tears also won her great acclaim.

Director: Jiro Shono
Producers: Hiromi Hounoki, Issei Hashiguchi
Supervising Executive Producer: Yasuhide Uno
Original Novel: Keigo Higashino
Screenplay: Teruo Abe, Yukako Shimizu
Music: Hirohide Shida

A GAGA Films Production in association with Aoi Promotion / Nikkatsu

2006 / 35mm / 1.85:1 / TBC min / Theatrical Release in Japan: 2007

Status: Shooting (as of May 2006)

(C) 2006 "The Letter" Production Partners