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Her last will was to let her family have a great party on the 49th days after her death. Can the daughter and her father make the wish come true and make their own lives move forward...? Based on Yuki Ibuki's bestselling novel "Shijukunichi no Recipe (The Recipe of 49 Days After Death)," director Yuki Tanada, well known for "One Million Yen Girl," reaches out to the audience' hearts with the team of established actors: winner of Japanese Academy Award Hiromi Nagasaku as the daughter Yuriko, Renji Ishibashi as the stubborn, tactless, yet passionate father Ryohei, Venice' Marcello Mastroianni Award winner (for the Best New Young Actress) Fumi Nikaido as Imo, and Masaki Okada as Haru.





サブ3.jpgHeartbroken Yuriko comes back to her parents' house after deciding to divorce from her husband, only to find a recipe book for life, left by her late mother Otomi who just passed away. The handwritten and lovingly illustrated recipes concern cooking, cleaning and the basic knowledge of the house keeping techniques. They are to let Yuriko and her father (Otomi's husband) Ryohei face the life by following the monotony of everyday chores, and take a step forward by the 49th days after her death - the day a memorial service will be held according to Buddhist teaching for the family and friends. With the help from two young strangers, the garishly-dressed Imo and the Japanese-Brazilian Haru, the family slowly begins to rebuild their lives as they learn the life and profound love of Otomi and get ready for the great party on the 49th day as Otomi has wished.




劇中スチール-679.jpgのサムネール画像Yuki Tanada - Director

Born 1975 in Fukuoka, Japan. Tanada made her directorial debut in 2001 with "MORU," which won the Grand Prix and Nikkatsu Brilliant Award at the Pia Film Festival. Documentary feature "Takada Wataru - A Japanese Original" ('04) was premiered at the Tokyo International Film Festival. In 2007, Tanada wrote the screenplay for the hit film "Sakuran" helmed by Mika Ninagawa which had its international premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival. In 2008, Tanada's "One Million Yen Girl" was screened at the Montreal World Film Festival and she was awarded for the New Directors Award by the Directors Guild of Japan. The same year, her following film "Ainʼt No Tomorrows" was also theatrically released. "The Cowards who Looked to The Sky" ('12) was premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival.




Hiromi Nagasaku

"Rebirth" (2011) "Don't Laugh at My Romance" (2007)


Renji Ishibashi

"Ninja Kids!!!" (2011) "Outrage" (2010)


Masaki Okada

"Space Brothers" (2012) "Confessions" (2010)


Fumi Nikaido

"Lesson of the Evil" (2012) "HIMIZU" (2011)



Director: Yuki Tanada

"The Cowards who Looked to the Sky" (2012) "One Million Yen Girl" (2008)


Screenplay: Hisako Kurosawa 

"Yellow Elephant" (2012) "Caterpillar" (2010)


Music: Yoshikazu Suo

"I Just Didn't Do It" (2006) "Shall We Dance?" (1996)


Cinematographer: Ryuto Kondo 

"The Kirishima Thing" (2012) "Saya Zamurai" (2010)





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Release in Japan: November 9, 2013 / 129 min / Vista / 5.1ch Digital

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