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A story of a master and his apprentice who find their confidence in life through the lessons of RAKUGO, a traditional comic story telling in Japan.

Director : Hiroyuki Itaya
Cast : Taihei Hayashiya, Nayuta Fukuzaki

A story of a master and his apprentice who find their confidence in life through the lessons of RAKUGO, a traditional comic story telling in Japan.

HANAKAPPA - Adventure in the Butterfly Kingdom -

Voice Cast: Rie Nakagawa, Kappei Yamaguchi, Mako Morino

Director: Kazumi Nonaka
Author & Original Artwork: Tadashi Akiyama
General Editor: Tetsuo Yasumi

From the popular TV animation series broadcasted on NHK since 2010, our HANAKAPPA comes to the big screen at last!


Director / Writer: Sono Sion
Starring Shota Sometani Fumi Nikaidou

A teenager aspires to be "ordinary" and "normal" in this world of chaos. But after an incident that can never be erased from his life, his wish becomes something impossible to achieve, turning him into a person obsessed to sanction evil people in the society...


Directed by Kazumi Nonaka

The Kappa family with a flower blooming on their heads lives in a village in deep inside a green forest. Over the flower on his head, HANAKAPPA and his friends enjoy everyday full of adventure!


Produced by Shunji Iwai, Takeshi Kobayashi
Written and Directed by Eriko Kitagawa
Starring Kie Kitano, Masaki Okada

A bitter-sweet love story of high school couples who need to face the reality of their lives as their graduation gets closer.


Theatrical Release in Japan: N/A
82 mins.

Directed by: Hiroyuki Muramatsu
China Matsuda, Yoshiyuki Yamaguchi

The head of a prestigious girl's school dies at the height of sexual activity with a young woman. All of the behind-the-scenes details are revealed in a clandestine video... Present-day revival of "Harenchi Gaguen," the original Go Nagai comic that led to spin-off movies which gained such popularity in their own time that society was influenced.


Theatrical Release in Japan: 2008/2/3
87 mins.

Directed by: Iwao Takahashi
Ryuhei Matsuda

Teru, a 17-year-old high school student, goes to live at a relative's house in Okinawa after the death of his mother. He becomes aware of a mysterious and powerful force within their family. Then, one day, he encounters a mysterious man with the soul of a tree?! The story of a mystical journey, against the backdrop of spirit-filled Okinawa Island.


Theatrical Release in Japan: 2012/7/2
71 mins.

Directed by: Kousuke Suzuki
Kasumi Nakane, Kenji Mizuhashi

Mamoru works as an illustrator in Tokyo. He and his girlfriend decide to visit his hometown of Onomichi. It is a bitter-sweet homecoming, for Mamoru has not been home in eight years. Upon his return, he experiences flashbacks of his ex-girlfriend, who died eight years ago. Feeling a sense of vulnerability, he visits the temple that he used to frequent in the past. There he sees a vision of Megumi, his ex-girlfriend...

HOGI-LALA (2001)

Theatrical Release in Japan: 04/20/02
96 mins.

Directed by: Toshiro Zoga
Koji Matsuo, Tamaki Ogawa

Set in the near future. Children who are contaminated by radiation poisoning face the fate of being cast into the sea. However, one boy manages to survive and drift to Hogi-Lala Island, where only children live. He starts to live happily there, but...


Theatrical Release in Japan: N/A
90 mins.

Directed by: Katsuji Kanazawa
Riki Takeuchi, Toru Minegishi

An ordinary school bus driver is torn from his pleasant life because of trouble with the yakuza. He discovers a brute strength lurking within himself as he becomes involved in the violent conflict. An aging boxer and a hooker are recruited in the battle with the Kikuta-gumi...


Directed by Yoshitaka Toki
Original Story & Screenplay by Yoshikazu Okada

Hiroki, Takeshi and Kaoru were childhood friends. Takeshi proposes marriage to Kaoru, but becomes comatose from a car accident on the day of their engagement party. Kaoru's heart wavers between Takeshi and Hiroki, the one she really loves. But then, one day, Takeshi comes out of his coma with no memory regarding his marriage... A new, heartbreaking love story from the writer of Be With You.


Directed by Yukinari Hanawa
Aoi Miyazaki, Keisuke Koide

What really happened behind the perfect crime of the century - the "300 million yen affair"? Set in the chaotic days of the 1960s, Misuzu, a lonely high school girl from a troubled family, finds sanctuary with her nihilistic brother and his friends. They pass their days hanging around a shadowy cafe bar, indulging themselves in a life of sex, drugs and alcohol. Gradually, Misuzu gets drawn into a dangerous plot against society that was hatched by one of the youths, with whom she secretly falls in love. Based on the novel by Misuzu Nakahara.