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Cast: Haruka Kinami
Crew: Mitsuhito Shiraha

A young woman Tae finds a memory box of cooking recipes written by their mother who died long ago. By tracing back her mother's past, Tae discovers her mother's struggling life she didn't know along the way.

Based on the essays by Tae Hitoto who was born and grew up in Taiwan and moved to Japan while a teenager, it is about discovering a loving memory of Mother and family ties served with tasty dishes.

WILD ZERO (1999)

Theatrical Release in Japan: 08/28/99
98 mins.

Directed by: Tetsuro Takeuchi
Guiter Wolf, Masa Endo

This action-packed feature entertains with Sci-Fi horror, true love, and good old Rock 'n Roll. Ace is a faithful fan and blood brother to Guitar Wolf, and together they try to rescue the beautiful Tobio, who they encounter by chance. When they enter their concert venue they find they've been booked by a crazy club owner, and encounter zombies and even some UFOs. Let the battle begin!


Directed by Ryo Nishimura
Shun Oguri

Seven young men try their hand at starting up their own "host club" - a nightclub where ladies are attended to by suave male companions. With the help of the owner's granddaughter (who has a heart disorder), and despite the combination of their initial confusion, personal problems and a typhoon that almost blew the place down, they gradually find the true meaning of friendship, trust and love.