Management Philosophy

Suppose that the 20th century was an "industrial society" supported by high-speed economic growth based on manufacturing, the 21st century is an era for us to recover humanity and maintain a lifestyle which is in harmony with the earth, and is at the same time a "knowledge value society" to pursue mental and spiritual enrichment. The base for that is the software industry (or contents industry). Considered an important cultural industry in the 21st century, the entertainment contents in particular have been promoted nationally.

In the contents industry where diverse forms of creativity are greatly expected, the movie culture is one of important industrial and/or cultural elements positioned at its core. Since its foundation in 1986, our company has been making history by playing a role in the entertainment contents industry as an independent movie distributor for 25 years. Although the process was not an easy one, we have overcome numerous hardships and made a comeback as an independent movie distributor under the new name "Gaga Corporations" on September 1, 2009. The restart actually was the "third formulation" of our company.

The vision for the new-born Gaga Corporation, is to become one of the "world's top movie distributors." Here, at this point, we return to our starting point once again, to practice "management centering on movie distribution business." We will become a company to keep up with the challenge of the rapid paradigm shift with our team of marketing specialists charged with unique creativity. At the same time, we, as an independent movie distributor, aim to manage our company flexibly with an eye to becoming a multiple imaging-related business company. Now the Gaga Corporation lays out its management philosophy as follows.

Management Philosophy

We will "contribute to the wonderful movie culture and imaging industry" through our unique creativity, and aim to become a company with the following attributes:
  • * a company that can be recognized by society and contributes to society
  • * a company that brings prosperity to both its stakeholders and the enterprise itself
  • * a company that provides its employees' personal fulfillment and happiness

Based on this management philosophy and with each person re-acknowledging their own aspirations, all our executives and employees, as a team of the able minority, will challenge to the company's third formulation by having in mind the following keywords as the employees' action guidelines:
  • * "Unique creativity and contribution"
  • * "Aspirations" (passion/ consistent sincerity)
  • * "Truth, virtue and beauty" - the moral path to follow.
  • * "Challenge"
  • * "Team of movie fans/ a company which is fun to work for"
  • * "No one dares to do it - that's why we're doing it."
  • * "Speedy management with the principle of able minority"
With all our executives and employees understanding these keywords, we hope we can create a corporate culture in which every one can take pride in themselves and their company and achieve personal fulfillment respectively. For a company, the most important assets are its human assets.
We ardently hope to create a company that will contribute to society through our talents, the able minority, creating win-win relationships together with all our client companies and cooperative firms.
We thank all of you for your continued understanding and cooperation.

Tom Yoda
Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer
Gaga Corporation
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