(Original title: 美しい星/Utsukushii Hoshi)


127 min./ 2017 / Japan / Color / DCP / 5.1ch

Category Drama Sci-Fi
Yoshida Daihachi "Funuke Show Some Love, You Losers!"
Lily Franky "Shoplifters”
Kazuya Kamenashi "It's Me, It's Me"
Ai Hashimoto "Little Forest"
Tomoko Nakajima "Tokyo Family"
Original novel "Utsukushii Hoshi" by Yukio Mishima
Screenplay by: Yoshida Daihachi and Seitaro Kai
Music by: Takuma Watanabe “Erica 38”
Editor: Kumi Okada “Funuke Show Some Love, You Losers!"
Production Designer: Norifumi Ataka “Norwegian Wood”
Film Festivals & Awards
Vancouver IFF 2017
Busan IFF 2017
Hawaii IFF 2017
San Diego Asian FF 2017
Chennai IFF 2017
Environmental FF 2018
Minneapolis St. Paul IFF 2018
Beijing IFF 2018
127 min./ 2017 / Japan / Color / DCP / 5.1ch


Juichiro Osugi, a demotivated weather forecaster, suddenly comes to believe that he is from Mars after mysteriously struck by blinding light. About the same time, his children also awake as aliens. They believe that they have different missions to accomplish on Earth and Juichiro believes his is to let people realize the immediate danger of environmental crisis. His peculiar plea to save the beautiful planet earns him the limelight; however, a mysterious would-be alien appears to claim against Juichiro. Once a frivolous weatherman now desperately tries to let the man and his audience understand his conviction, not knowing the fate awaiting him ahead.


MISHIMA's unique sci-fi drama turns into an unconventional film in modern times directed by YOSHIDA Dihachi ("Funuke Show Some Love, You Losers!"). It portrays a family on Earth who come to believe that they are actually from other planets all of a sudden. They try so hard to save the endangered planet Earth but things get crazy on the way... Family members are played by Lily Franky ("Like Father, Like Son"), Kazuya Kamenashi ("It's Me, It's Me"), Ai Hashimoto ("Little Forest") and Tomoko Nakajima ("Tokyo Family"). A comical yet bittersweet story of an extraterrestrial family.

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