(Original title: 白夜/Byakuya)


84 min. / 2009 / Color

Category Drama Romance
Masahiro Kobayashi “Bashing”
Daisuke Maki "Our Tomorrow"
Michiko Kichise "Hirugao”
Director & Writer: Masahiro Kobayashi "Bashing"
Cinematographer: Kiyoshi Ito "Where Are You"
Lighting: Masahiro Kimura "Memories of Tomorrow"
Recording: Noriyoshi Yoshida "Non-Ko"
Editing: Naoki Kaneko "Nausicaä: of the Valley of the Wind"
Film Festivals & Awards
Busan IFF 2009
Munich FF 2010
84 min. / 2009 / Color


On a red bridge over a river in Lyon, France, the woman--Tomoko Aizawa--was waiting from the noon, a day after quitting her job and leaping out of Japan without telling anybody to meet her ex-boyfriend. "Are you Japanese?" The man--Tatsuo Kijima--talked to her by chance out of nostalgia, who run away from Japan and wandered around Europe for a year. What he had was the ticket to go back to Japan and just a few coins.

He just wanted to kill the time till he takes a train to Paris for a flight, and Tomoko seems a good company for that...Having their own circumstances, the man and woman on their tipping points of their lives happen to meet in a foreign city. Without knowing past or name, they start to communicate heart to heart and start to fall hard in love.


Masahiro Kobayashi, appraised director for Cannes selected film "Bashing" (2005) and Locarno winner "The Rebirth" (2007), brings this romance to the audience after developing the story over 20 years. The two main--and only--characters are played by Maki Daisuke (EXILE) and Michiko Kichise, making this spontaneous yet serious love story a real movie.

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