(Original title: AKAI)


88 min / Release in Japan: Sep 9, 2022

Category Documentary
Eigoro Akai *First feature
Hidekazu Akai “Knockout”, “Maboroshi”
88 min / Release in Japan: Sep 9, 2022


Hidekazu Akai is an actor and a TV personality beloved by generations of Japanese, yet many people today don’t know his career began as a boxer in 1980, racking up a record of 19 wins (16 by knockout) and 2 losses while winning over the country with his indomitable spirit. AKAI is a documentary film about that period directed by Eigoro Akai, a boxer himself, U.S.-trained filmmaker and the actual son of Hidekazu Akai. The documentary follows Akai’s overnight rise to stardom as a boxer to frustrating loss and his battle back from an injury that had only a 20% survival rate.

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