Be Sure To Share

(Original title: ちゃんと伝える/Chanto tsutaeru )


108 min. / 2009 / Color

Category Drama
Sono Sion “Himizu”
AKIRA "Tatara Samurai”
Ayumi Ito "Tokyo!"
Keiko Takahashi "Spiral"
Eiji Okuda "Goemon"
Written by: Sono Sion "Himizu”
Cinematographer: Shogo Ueno (J.S.C.) "All Around Us"
Production Designer: Hayato Oba "Strange Circus"
Music by: Tomohide Harada "Love Exposure"
Film Festivals & Awards
New York Asian FF 2009
Montreal World FF 2009
San Diego Asian FF 2009
Taipei Golden Horse FF 2009
Torino FF 2011
Transilvania IFF 2016
108 min. / 2009 / Color


The cancer-affected body does not show the past glory and strength of Shiro's father any longer. What keeps the family going is the slightest hope they find in his same clear consciousness. Facing the death of his respected but fearful father, the son starts to realize what his old man has really meant in his life for the first time, and starts to enjoy the time together.

One day, however, the doctor sentences that Shiro himself is also a cancer patient. What is worse is that his condition is worse than the father's... "I might die before him..." Not wanting to make his father suffer any more than now, the son never tells a soul about his own ending life to the family or his young fiancée. Keeping his secret on his own, on the contrary, he even starts to wish the father to go off earlier.

Facing the unpreventable event in life, "death," what would Shiro choose to share with his loved ones in his remaining time...?


With films like "Suicide Club" and "Noriko's Dinner Table," Director Sion Sono has been creating films with distinctive perspectives, taking the audience by surprise without any exception. In "Be Sure to Share," Sono depicts a moving story of an ordinary family who becomes strangers to each other as time goes on, but reunites in the wake of life event, “death.” The film brings out all the human emotions beautifully with the powerful storytelling, characteristic of the Sono world.

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