(Original title: ブルーリメイン/Blue Remain)


Theatrical Release in Japan: N/A 77 mins.

Category Sci-Fi
Toshifumi Takizawa
Theatrical Release in Japan: N/A 77 mins.


After the final nuclear war in 2062 the Earth changed, with the population reduced to a mere 20,000 people living under the sea. Moreover, a cyborg called Godorm emerges from the ruins and sets out to take over what's left of the planet, wanting to eliminate all human survivors. Incidentally, a girl is found by the sea patrol, and it turns out that she seems to have slept for 80 years inside a spaceship. She is the only person who can remember what the Earth was like before, and the only person who can fight against Godorm's creator, Mother Six, to bring back peace and to ensure the future of mankind.

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