(Original title: 僕の彼女はサイボーグ/Boku no kanojo ha cyborg)


120 min. / 2008 / Color

Category Comedy Drama Romance
Kwak Jae Yong - Director

Born 1959 , he graduated from Kyunghee University. He made his directorial debut in 1989 with "Watercolor Painting on a Rainy Day" which created a massive trend of youth film in Korea and won the best director award in the 14th Golden Shooting Award. His success was followed by "Autumn Journey"(1991) and "Watercolor Painting on a Rainy Day 2"(1993). After an absence of eight years, "My Sassy Girl" attracted more than 5 million admissions and he won the Deajong Award, which is known as Korean Academy Award. "My Sassy Girl"(2001) had broke records not only in Japan but also in the rest of Asian countries. The success drew international attention and the remake was produced by Dream Works. In his other works, "Classic"(2003) touched audience heart with its dramatic love story over the generations, and the following piece "Windstruck"(2004) blew away the previous record of Korean films ever released in Japan. He also has shown his talent as a writer with "The Romantic President" (2002) "Addicted" (2002) and "Daisy" (2006). His next piece will be "My Mighty Princess."
Haruka Ayase

Born 1985 in Hiroshima. Her earliest fame came when she starred TV drama version of "Crying out Love, in the Center of the World" (2004) as a heroine. In the following film, "River of First Love," her acting as a girl with impaired hearing received high acclaim. She has been in many popular TV dramas such as "Byakuyako" (2006) and "HERO" (2006) and won the rookie of the year of Elanodor award. In addition to the acting talent, her cute outlook and excellent athletic performance makes her one of the most watchout actresses in the Japanese film industry. In her latest TV drama "Hotaru no Hikiari"(2007) she played the leading role for the fist time. The heroine's character won sympathy of Japanese young women and she is enjoying wider popularity. In 2008, many of her upcoming titles will be released such as "The Magic Hour" and "ICHI."

Keisuke Koide

Born 1984 in Tokyo. He made his acting debut with Kazuyuki Izutsu film, "We Shall Overcome, Somoday" (2005). He is the one of the most promising young actors and his stage varies from Film, TV drama and commercials. He has been playing many different roles such as a young executive in TV drama "Sweet Proposal" (2006) and a comical character with afro in TV drama "Nodame Cantabile"(2006). He always challenged new type of roles and proved his talent with his films, "HATSU-KOI (FIRST LOVE)" (2006), "Kisaragi"(2007) "Calling You" (2007) and TV drama "When You Wish Upon a Caw"(2007). Being a young popular actor, he now distinguishs oneself as one of the most unique and sophisticated actors. In his next film "Sky of Love"(2007), he stars as a university student who always stands by the heroine.
Director & Writer Kwak Jae Yong "Colors of Wind"
Producer Mataichiro Yamamoto, Jee Young Jun
Music Naoki Otsubo
Director of Photography Junichiro Hayashi (J.S.C.)
Production Designer Tomoyuki Maruo
Lighting Director Masao Kanazawa (J.S.L.)
Sound Recording Yoshiya Obara
Editor Shuichi Kakesu (J.S.E.)
120 min. / 2008 / Color


One day, an incredibly cute girl appeared before me, out of the blue. Then, a year later, I meet a girl who looks just like the one who left such a powerful impression on me, even though we only had a day together. That girl, still as pretty as ever, but seeming somehow blank, tells him her secret. She was a cyborg from the future. Is she the same person as the girl who left me back then? Full of questions, he decides to spend time with her. She is a bit rambunctious, and her unexpected actions get him into constant trouble, but feelings of affection begin to sprout within him for this girl who keeps him from danger. Those boring days before I met her have made a complete 180, and life with her is a joy. But, she is still a cyborg that feels nothing for me, even if I am slowly getting attached to her. That impassable barrier is too painful for my timid self to deal with, so I tell her we're breaking up. Then were the days without her. During that time, a huge earthquake strikes the city. In that instant, she comes to rescue me. In the middle of the crumbling metropolis, the girl I tried to throw away sacrifices herself to protect me. When I see the smile of this girl, who is always by my side, it merges with the smile of that girl that I could only spend a day with. When her feelings born during that moment in the midst of the collapsing city intersect with the true feelings for her born within himself, an unexpected future awaits the two.


An acclaimed Korean director Kwak Jae Yong proudly presents his new original story with his new attempt. Not only in Korea, but also in Japan and throughout Asia, Kwak made his name famous with "My Sassy Girl" (2003) and "Windstruck" (2004). In recognition of the unique and touching story along with the success of "My Sassy Girl," the title is now transformed into a remake version in Hollywood.
His brand new film "Cyborg She" is his fresh departure in his biography with Japanese main casts and stuff. Following "My Sassy Girl," "The Classic" and "Windstruck" the story is Kwak's original creation, and Kwak, himself , especially selected the cast from a long list of candidates. One of the lead roles is Haruka Ayase, starring as an extraordinarily cute cyborg girlfriend, and the other is a young, rising star Keisuke Koide playing a timid but sweet boyfriend. Just like Kwak made two fresh casts, Jun Ji-hyun and Cha Tae-hyun as international stars with his film "My Sassy Girl" and "Windstruck," it is for sure that the he can develop personal appeal of Ayase and Koide's and make them into internationally acclaimed stars.
The film will be the most entertaining among all of Kwak's films. The time-space transcending cyborg heroine's intense action scenes, and her sacrificing herself to save the boyfriend during a sudden, massive earthquake in the city center will certainly invite talk from audience all over the world. The advanced CG work is also one of the most eye-opening elements of this film. Of course, Kwak's true specialties, a romance between a cute and intrepid heroine and a hero who loves and revolves around her, and a story that will move anyone to tears are present and that gives audience even more emotional moments than what they would expected. This Kwak's new film promises to include full of elements that captured everyone's heart and the new elements that rule their fantasies.

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