(Original title: 僕の彼女はサイボーグ/Boku no Kanojo wa Cyborg)


120 min. / 2008 / Color

Kwak Jae Yong “My Sassy Girl”
Haruka Ayase “Our Little Sister”
Keisuke Koide “Pacchigi!”
Written by: Kwak Jae Yong "My Sassy Girl”
Music by: Naoki Otsubo “Shinjuku Swan”
Director of Photography: Junichiro Hayashi (J.S.C.) “The Complex”
Production Designer: Tomoyuki Maruo “Cure”
Lighting Director: Masao Kanazawa (J.S.L.) “The Juon”
Sound Recording by: Yoshiya Obara “Bugmaster”
Editor: Shuichi Kakesu (J.S.E.)
Film Festivals & Awards
Japan Cuts 2009
120 min. / 2008 / Color


One day, an incredibly cute girl appeared before me, out of the blue. Then, a year later, I meet a girl who looks just like the one who left such a powerful impression on me, even though we only had a day together. That girl, still as pretty as ever, but seeming somehow blank, tells him her secret. She was a cyborg from the future. Is she the same person as the girl who left me back then? Full of questions, he decides to spend time with her. She is a bit rambunctious, and her unexpected actions get him into constant trouble, but feelings of affection begin to sprout within him for this girl who keeps him from danger. Those boring days before I met her have made a complete 180, and life with her is a joy.


An acclaimed Korean director Kwak Jae Yong proudly presents his new original story with his new attempt. Not only in Korea, but also in Japan and throughout Asia, Kwak made his name famous with "My Sassy Girl" (2003) and "Windstruck" (2004). In recognition of the unique and touching story along with the success of "My Sassy Girl," the title is now transformed into a remake version in Hollywood.

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