(Original title: 鈍獣/Donju)


106 min / 2009 / Vista / Color / Dolby SR

Category Drama
Hideaki Hosono (feature directorial debut)
Tadanobu Asano "Thor”
Kazuki Kitamura "Like a Dragon"
Yoko Maki “Like Father, Like Son”
Aimi Satsukawa "Funuke Show Some Love, You Losers!"
Yoko Minamino "Sukeban Deka"
Yusuke Santamaria "20th Century Boy"
Written by: Kankuro Kudo "Too Young To Die!”
Cinematographer: Shoichi Ato "Confessions”
Production Designer: Mayumi Tomita "Lost in Translation”
Music by: Toru Midorikawa "Taste of Tea"
Animation Production: Studio 4℃ "Tekkon Kinkreet"
Film Festivals & Awards
Taipei Golden Horse FF 2009
Nippon Connection 2011
New Japanese FF 2011
106 min / 2009 / Vista / Color / Dolby SR


An editor arrives at a SUMO village to find the missing award-nominated writer Deko in time to bring him to the award ceremony. Awaiting here are Deko's weird friends: Eda, the boss of gigolo club, his yes-man cop friend Okamoto, Eda's mistress Junko and bunny girl Nora. There, the editor learns Deko was back in town a year back; moreover, the friends have been desperately trying to kill him because of this award book Deko wrote from their painful memory... Despite of their countless trials of murder, Deko's dumbness keeps him from even noticing his friends' intentions. Witness the most HEART BOILED mystery ever, starring weird yet lovable characters!


How Dumb A Man Can Be When Facing Conspiracy Of His Own Death?

Away from his acclaimed serious performance in MONGOL (2007) or ZATOICHI (2003), this time Tadanobu Asano plays the dull yet somehow genius writer, leading audience to this mysteriously comical world created by Kankuro Kudo, the writer of GO (2001) and Ping Pong (2003). They team up with first time feature director Hideaki Hosono, well known commercial director with many international awards and nominations, including AdFest, Clio, Cannes, among others. Studio 4℃, creator of 2006 hit movie Tekkon Kinkreet, also gives anime-intrusion to this live feature, adding the depth to the drama with edgy and high quality animation.

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