HANAKAPPA - Adventure in the Butterfly Kingdom -

(Original title: 映画はなかっぱ 花さけ!パッカ~ん♪蝶の国の大冒険 )

HANAKAPPA – Adventure in the Butterfly Kingdom –

60 min. / 2013 / Color

Kazumi Nonaka
Voice Cast: Rie Nakagawa, Kappei Yamaguchi, Mako Morino
Author & Original Artwork: Tadashi Akiyama
General Editor: Tetsuo Yasumi
60 min. / 2013 / Color


How annoying moms can be with all their lectures, but what happens if they are gone…?
Mothers from the Yamabiko-village get kidnapped! Hanakappa and his friends leave their village and set out on a journey to save their mothers! Enduring a freezing mountain in winter and a blazing desert in summer, the kids head to a wonderland called “Butterfly Kingdom”. Why were the mothers taken away? And who is this boy called Pol traveling with Hanakappa? What is his secret?
This moving story tells you the courage to face difficulties, friendship and bonds between parents and children.


From the popular TV animation series broadcasted on NHK since 2010, our HANAKAPPA comes to the big screen at last!

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