(Original title: 来る/Kuru)


134 min./ 2018 / Japan / Color / DCP / 5.1ch

Category Horror
Tetsuya Nakashima "Confessions"
Junichi Okada "The Eternal Zero"
Nana Komatsu "The World Of Kanako"
Satoshi Tsumabuki "Rage"
Haru Kuroki "The Little House"
Original Novel "Bogiwan ga Kuru" by: Ichi Sawamura
Screenplay by: Tetsuya Nakashima, Hideto Iwai, Nobuhiro Monma “The World of Kanako”
Director of Photography: Ryoken Okamura
Editor: Yoshiyuki Koike “Confessions”
Film Festivals & Awards
Hawaii IFF 2019
Bucheon Fantastic IFF 2019
Sitges IFFF 2019
134 min./ 2018 / Japan / Color / DCP / 5.1ch


The life seems perfect for Hideki who lives with his beautiful wife in his new suburban flat. One day, he is called by a colleague that a visitor comes to see him at his office. When he reaches the reception, Hideki is baffled to learn that the visitor is already gone leaving a memo of his unborn daughter's name "Chisa".

Two years later, the colleague dies mysteriously and Hideki's house is attacked by a sinister presence. To protect his family, Hideki asks for help from a journalist Nozaki and a prestigious exorcist who performs a ritual to break an unknown spell. But they come to learn what they are dealing with is beyond their imagination.

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