(Original title: NO SMOKING)


96 min. / Release in Japan: Nov 1, 2019

Category Documentary Music
Taketoshi SADO
Producer: Masahiro HANDA
96 min. / Release in Japan: Nov 1, 2019


A behind-the-scenes look at Haruomi Hosono, a musician respected around the world and the composer of the soundtrack for Shoplifters, a Palme d’Or winner of the Cannes Film Festival. The footage traces his encounter with music in early childhood to his days in bands Happy End and YMO to his solo activities. It also includes in-depth coverage from recent years of his first overseas performances in London, Taiwan, New York, and Los Angeles, offering a look at his music activities that encompass the whole world. In London, he was joined by Yukihiro Takahashi and Keigo Oyamada, and when Ryuichi Sakamoto made a surprise appearance onstage, the YMO members were reunited for the first time in five years, a must-see spectacle captured on film. Hosono is admired by young artists such as Gen Hoshino and Kiko Mizuhara, who in turn inspire him in his musical evolution. An in-depth documentary about musician Haruomi Hosono, his music, and an intimate look at the man himself.

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