(Original title: 異動辞令は音楽隊!/ Idou Jirei Wa Ongakutai!)


119 min / Release in Japan: Aug 26, 2022

Category Drama
Eiji Uchida "Midnight Swan", “The Naked Director”
Hiroshi Abe "After the Storm", “Thermae Romae”, “Godzilla 2000: Millennium”
Nana Seino “Kingdom 2” “Tokyo Tribe”
Hayato Isomura “Tokyo Revengers” “Yakuza and the Family”
Kiyohiko Shibukawa “Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy”
Mitsuko Baisho “The Ballad of Narayama” “The Eel”
Film Festivals & Awards
2022 New York Asian Film Festival - (Star Asia Award - Hiroshi Abe)
119 min / Release in Japan: Aug 26, 2022


Naruse, a workaholic detective working on homicide cases, is strict with his subordinates and violent in his detection. As a result, he is shunted off to the brass band of the police PR department which is on the brink of closure. Though reluctant at first, Naruse discovers the joy of sessions with the teammates and starts to inspire them for a better performance.

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