(Original title: サムライマラソン/Samurai Marathon)


104 min./ Release in Japan: Feb 22, 2019 / Japan / 2018 / DCP / Color / 5.1ch

Category History
Bernard Rose "Immortal Beloved" "Candyman”
Takeru Satoh "Rurouni Kenshin" franchise
Nana Komatsu "The World of Kanako"
Mirai Moriyama "Rage"
Shota Sometani "PARASYTE" franchise
Munetaka Aoki "Rurouni Kenshin" franchise
Naoto Takenaka "Shall We Dance?"
Etsushi Toyokawa "Her Granddaughter"
Hiroki Hasegawa "SHIN GODZILLA"
Producer : Jeremy Thomas "Dogman" "Blade of Immortal"
Original Novel by: Akihiro Dobashi "Bakumatsu Marathon Samurai"
Film Festivals & Awards
Beijing IFF 2019
Edinburgh IFF 2019
New York Asian FF 2019 - Opening Film
Sitges IFFF 2019
104 min./ Release in Japan: Feb 22, 2019 / Japan / 2018 / DCP / Color / 5.1ch


At the end of Edo period, a lord of Annaka clan gathers his retainers and announces to hold a marathon to train themselves for potential attacks from overseas. With a carrot dangled in front of them, retainers join the marathon to get a prize.

In the meanwhile, the central Edo government sends an assassin to kill the Annaka lord, after receiving a message from their spy Jinnai who has mistaken the assembly as a sign of rebellion. To straighten out the fatal misunderstanding, Jinnai and other retainers run desperately to save the domain head from the assassin.

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