(Original title: サイレントラブ / Silent Love)


116 min / Release in Japan: January 26, 2024

Category Drama Music Romance
Eiji Uchida ”Offbeat Cops” “Midnight Swan” “The Naked Director”
Ryosuke Yamada (from Hey! Say! JUMP) ”The Miracles of the Namiya General Store” “Fullmetal Alchemist”
Minami Hamabe “Kakegurui” franchise “Let Me Eat Your Pancreas”
Music: Joe Hisaishi “Departures” “Spirited Away” “HANA-BI”
116 min / Release in Japan: January 26, 2024


Aoi, a janitor with speech disability at a music university, meets Mika, an aspiring pianist who has lost her eyesight in an accident. To lift her up from despair, Aoi makes a deal with Kitamura, a young wealthy piano teacher, to play the piano for Mika pretending to be Aoi in exchange for money. The sound of the piano gradually warms Mika's heart and Aoi continues to dedicate himself to Mika without saying a word. While Kitamura, who have accepted Aoi's request just for money, develops his love for Mika. However, the three get involved in a trouble when they finally try to vocalize their feelings.

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