(Original title: 真昼ノ星空/Mahiru no Hoshizora)


92 min. / 2006/ Color

Category Drama
Kyoka Suzuki "Judge!""Blood and Bones"
Wang Leehon "MOON CHILD"
Director: Yosuke Nakagawa "Cobalt Blue"
Film Festivals & Awards
Tokyo IFF 2006 - Japanese Eyes
Berlin IFF 2006 - The International Forum of New Cinema
92 min. / 2006/ Color


Lian Son is a Taiwanese assassin hiding in Okinawa. Yukiko works at a lunch box shop, but she has a painful past. Saya works at a public swimming pool, but is bored with her life. The solitary lives of these three people slowly intersect with each other under the bright sunshine of Okinawa.
Saya is conscious of Lian Son who comes to the swimming pool every day, while Lian Son is attracted to Yukiko whom he met at a laundromat. When he is ordered to return to his country, he asks Yukiko to dinner. Still anxious about a previous heartache, Yukiko is nevertheless attracted to him. The day of his return is moved up. He leaves a letter with Saya to give to Yukiko and heads towards the airport. He intends to stay if Yukiko shows up. However, Saya, throws away his letter, and Lian Son returns to his country. Having managed to escape conflicts among gangsters in Taiwan, Lian Son comes back to Okinawa, and is re-united with Yukiko at a laundromat.


The leading actors are Wang Leehom, a top star in Asia, and Suzuki Kyoka of Blood and Bones (Chi to Hone). Directed by Nakagawa Yosuke of Blue Fish (Aoi Sakana) and Departure. The film was screened at the Berlin Film International Festival Young Film Forum.

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