(Original title: ふたたび swing me again/Futatabi swing me again )


111min. / 2010 / Color

Category Drama Music
Toshi Shioya “A Sower of Seeds”
Ryohei Suzuki “Tokyo Tribe”
Ichiro Zaitsu
Based on the Novel by: Junichi Yagi
Film Festivals & Awards
Tokyo IFF 2010
Jecheon Music IFF 2011
111min. / 2010 / Color


Hiroto, 21, absorbs himself into the world of jazz everyday. One day, his father announces that Hiroto's grandfather is coming back to the city after 50 years of medical treatment in an isolate sanatorium; a grandfather Hiroto never knew he had in his life! Kenzaburo, 78, on the other hand, has only one reason in his comeback; it is to keep his old promise - his last wish - to play in a prestigious jazz club SONE with his band men back in 1950s. Hiroto helps Kenzaburo to visit and persuade his friends now living in different cities, and learns the turbulent life of his grandfather and what it means to play jazz from the bottom of his heart.


An old man comes back to his hometown after 50 years of absence to re-unite his jazz band to play in a prestigious jazz club. In order to do that, he needs to take the road trip with his grandson, who did not know he had a grandfather in his life.
The jazz-crazed grandson is played by Ryouhei Suzuki ("Surely Someday" [2010]), one of the most watched-out young actors in 20's, welcomed by the veteran actor Ichiro Zaitsu, playing the stubborn trumpeter grandfather. MINJI ("252"[2008]), a singer-actress from Korea, as well as Sadao Watanabe, the legendary saxophone player altogether make this film a rhythmical yet deeply moving story.

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