(Original title: 群青の夜の羽毛布/Gunjo no Yoru no Hanemoufu)


111 min. / Release in Japan: Oct 5, 2002

Category Drama
Itsumichi Isomura "Gambatte Ikimasshoi”
Manami Honjo
Hiroshi Tamaki
Based on the novel by: Fumio Yamamoto
Screenplay: Atsuko Sagara
Cinematographer: Yuichi Nagata
111 min. / Release in Japan: Oct 5, 2002


ITO Tetsuo, 22 is a senior in college working part-time at the local supermarket.
One day, he meets Satoru, an attractive customer at the supermarket, taking care of her after collapsing from anemia. Soon they are dating.
Satoru unemployed, she cooks and takes care of her family. Tetsuo is mysteriously drawn to Satoru and her-family her mother, Masako, a stern but attractive teacher, and Satoru’s younger sister, Mitsuru, a sunny, open girl, in contrast to her withdrawn elder sister.

The apparently straight laced and frail Satoru is beautiful, yet, considering that they slept together on their first date, she also seems to have a bold side.
One evening, Mitsuru invites Tetsuo to a local pub, to warn him against becoming further involved with her sister, as Satoru is overly dependent on their mother and frequently uses her anemia to seduce men.
Ignoring Mitsuru’s warning, Tetsuo grows increasingly involved with Satoru. Apparently approved of by their stern mother, Tetsuo begins to spend time at their home. As Tetsuo grows increasingly infatuated with the enigmatic Satoru, he also senses that Satoru is spellbound by her mother in an unhealthy way.
When Tetsuo advises Satoru to be more independent, Satoru coldly retorts, “My mother protects me, and I can’t live without her. You don’t understand the first thing about me. I need my family. I don’t especially need you, ”and walks away. Tetsuo is aghast.

Where will their love lead? Will Satoru be able to liberate herself from her mother’s spell?


The seemingly normal family at the top of the hill, which conceals debilitating dysfunction and twisted relationships.The healthy young man, gradually drawn into their spell. Each family member with their own histories and emotions.
The problems of the family in contemporary Japan.
What is family? What is love?

A shocking, sensitively drawn portrait of a deceptive simple, yet deeply complicated and ultimately universal theme.

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