(Original title: The Pursuit of Perfection)


Length: 79min. / Release in Japan: TBA

Category Documentary Food
SAITO Toshimichi
Production Company: AOI Pro. Inc. (“Shoplifters”, “Any Crybabies Around?”)
Director of Photography: FUKUSHIMA Shinnosuke
Music by: Dylan Glatthorn
Editors: SAITO Toshimichi, MIYAZAKI Madoka
Film Festivals & Awards
San Sebastian IFF 2021
Length: 79min. / Release in Japan: TBA


Focusing on four of the leading chefs in Japan today, this documentary explores the truth behind Japan's unique and sophisticated food culture. Each takes meticulous care of their own dishes in pursuit of perfection, but their approaches are quite different, even contrasting. With different sets of roots and beliefs, some pursue spiritual cultivation or aesthetic creativity, while the others seek high-quality ingredients by building close relationships with local suppliers. How do their personalities and struggles result in their masterpieces? World-renowned food experts and gastronomists also guide the audience into the further depths of the stories behind the chefs’ endless pursuit. Through these four chefs, you’ll learn that Tokyo is one of the world’s greatest food cities.

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