(Original title: 渇き。/Kawaki)


118 min./ 2014 / Japan / Color / DCP / 5.1ch

Category Drama Suspense
Tetsuya Nakashima "Confessions"
Koji Yakusho "The Third Murder"
Nana Komatsu"Farewell Song"
Satoshi Tsumabuki "Rage"
Joe Odagiri”Over the Fence"
Miki Nakatani ”Memories of Matsuko”
Based on the Novel “Hateshinaki Kawaki” by: Akio Fukamachi
Screenplay by: Tetsuya Nakashima, Miako Tadano “Liverleaf”, Nobuhiro Monma “It Cmes”
Director of Photography: Shoichi Ato “Confessions”
Editor: Yoshiyuki Koike “Confessions”

Film Festivals & Awards
Toronto IFF 2014
Fantastic Fest 2014 - won Best Screenplay
Sitges IFFF 2014 - won Best Actor (Koji Yakusho)
Busan IFF 2014
BFI London FF 2014
Chicago IFF 2014
Rotterdam IFF 2015
118 min./ 2014 / Japan / Color / DCP / 5.1ch


When beautiful-A high school student Kanako goes missing, her mother asks ex-husband Akikazu – a drifting, irresponsible former cop – to find their daughter. He embarks on a desperate search in the hope of reuniting his ‘perfect family’ – by any means necessary.
But as his investigation progresses, Akikazu starts to discover the darkness that lies behind his daughter’s impeccable façade. Clue by clue, revelation by revelation, he starts his descenet into the hellish underworld of Kanako’s secret life…


A visual wizard Tetsuya NAKASHIMA, best known for his mega-hit Japanese Academy winning title “Confessions” (2010), brings another film that keeps audience on the edge of seats. Based on a mystery novel by Akio FUKAMACHI, the film follows the search of a missing girl in the eyes of her crazed father, but every trace of his daughter makes him realize how little he knew of her…
Welcoming a brand-new actress Nana KOMATSU as the missing daughter, Koji YAKUSHO of “13 Assassins” (2010) plays thoroughly the brutal father who used to be a police detective, supported by Satoshi TSUMABUKI, Joe ODAGIRI and Miki NAKATANI.

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