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ギャガ株式会社 代表取締役会長兼社長 CEO 依田 巽

If the 20th century was an “Industrial society” sustained by high economic growth on a manufacturing industry base, the 21st century is an era where we recover humanity and coexist with the Earth, and a “knowledge-value society” where we pursuit the enrichment of the “heart”.
The base for that is the software industry (also known as a contents industry). With entertainment-contents a vital cultural business in the 21st century, the industrial development has been promoted nationally.

With the world’s paradigm shift growing faster today, the contents industry, where rich ideas full of diversity is expected, places movies as one of the important cores in the industry/culture.
Since the founding in 1986, the 34 years we have been through as a independent film distributing company was never an easy one, but through all the countless ups and downs, we took pride in our part in this industry.

Today, after 10 full years of placing our company here in Aoyama, Gaga cooperation aims to become the “ world’s top class movie distributor”.
In these 10 years, our presence in the movie industry is skyrocketing, with one of our distribution, director Hirokazu Kore-eda’s “Shoplifters”, receiving the highest prize of Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival, and the distribution of many other academy award winning products.

Having our origin of movie distribution as our axis, we aim to display mobility and unfettered approach in the foreign sales and film/video production business field, which is possible from being an independent company, and becoming a respected entertainment company not only in Japan but internationally.

Today, where the world’s paradigm shift is only growing faster, we vow to become a resilient company by corresponding flexibly, free from customs and common practice in the versatile imaging related business and platform, and to live up to the needs of home entertainment in this 5G and 6G era.

Our company hoists the below management philosophy.

Management Philosophy

As we “contribute to the wonderful movie culture and imaging industry” through unique creativity, we aim to become a company that

• Contributes to and is acknowledged by the society
• Brings prosperity to both the stakeholders and company itself
• Brings happiness and self fulfillment to the employees.

However the society’s trend may change, we aim to build a cooperate culture where all employees, regardless of their post, understands the management philosophy, have pride in themselves and the company, and have self fulfillment.
A company’s most prized asset is the “human capital”.
Along with our “small numbered but exceptionally talented” executives, we aim to prosper along with all the stakeholders that uphold Gaga cooperation, and strongly wish to be a company that will contribute to the society widely.

We hope for everyone’s understanding and support deeply from our heart.

Tom Yoda
Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer
Gaga Corporation